IRC #olimex 2019-06-04

[14:15:16] <Tsvetan> jo0nas selfbg has some questions for you about Debian packaging as we have no much experience with these and we try to figure out how to build Teres image with mali and cedrus enabled but to keep Debian/Armbian compatibility
[14:16:08] <Tsvetan> cedarx
[14:24:41] <tbr> selfbg / Tsvetan: which part are you trying to package?
[14:26:11] <selfbg> Mali
[14:27:05] <selfbg> There are blobs, containing libGLES, libGL, etc
[14:27:12] <tbr> mhm, so non-free stuff
[14:27:14] <tbr> yeah
[14:27:36] <selfbg> They should overwrite the ones provided by mesa
[14:27:59] <tbr> right, that would need to conflict with the apropriate mesa package then
[14:29:10] <selfbg> I know how to add them to LD_LIBRARY_PATH, but not how to tell xorg to use them
[14:30:28] <tbr> if the files end up in /usr/lib/... then you shouldn't need to do that
[14:33:39] <selfbg> For example points to, which is provided by mesa
[14:34:21] <selfbg> then I should change the symlink to my library, using update-alternatives
[14:34:36] <selfbg> and I guess it will work?
[14:35:12] <tbr> yeah, that's a bit beyond my packaging skills. Hopefully jo0nas or someone else can give you the right pointers
[15:04:02] <jo0nas> selfbg: I can recommend to join the irc chatroom #packaging on OFTC
[15:06:00] <jo0nas> I am happy to help personally but am pretty busy today (try make my Teres-I usable as sole laptop for a 5-day Debian Minidebconf starting tomorrow) so better hang out somewhere with other skilled Debian folks than only relying on me
[15:10:07] <jo0nas> selfbg: files occupying same paths as files in other packages (what seems to be what you mean by "should overwrite the ones provided by mesa") must conflict with that other package
[15:10:33] <jo0nas> so what tbr wrote above seems sensible to me
[15:11:02] <jo0nas> ...but please let's move more detailed discussion to #packaging on
[15:13:07] <tbr> jo0nas: jftr, later update-alternatives came up, so that's another possibility. I'm out though as I haven't had to touch u-a for my Icecast debian packaging :)
[16:09:51] <dddddd> xcko, I found and compiled kmscube. After a little adjust to LD_LIBRARY_PATH (for it to find and adding the user to the video group (for /dev/dri/card0) I get:
[16:10:16] <dddddd> drmModeGetResources failed: Operation not supported
[16:10:29] <dddddd> with or without the -A flag
[16:11:58] <dddddd> It was just a quick try, maybe I'm doing something wrong but I guess it's the right test to do.
[16:14:33] <dddddd> Same results for root.