IRC #olimex 2019-06-02

[02:12:20] <xcko> jo0nas: what kind of battery status are you missing? I have battey % and if it is plugged in - though the paths in sysfs are not standard so I don't expect default battery widgets to work
[02:13:21] <xcko> 5.2.0-rc2 works with backlight too, and I have lima loaded but unused until the new mesa arrives though I think dddddd was testing 19.1-rc4 of mesa
[02:14:32] <xcko> Not sure how to get thermal events though or if those are supported yet on linux stable
[10:19:40] <jo0nas> xcko: I am (obviously) missing the kind of battery status that I can locate - so it would be helpful if you mention a path, not only that you found it somewhere unususal
[14:51:31] <dddddd> I found something related to battery at /sys/devices/platform/soc/1f03400.rsb/sunxi-rsb-3a3/ but nothing tells the charge.
[14:51:45] <dddddd> xcko, from where are you reading it?