IRC #olimex 2019-05-31

[00:05:02] <dddddd> hmm,
[00:11:03] <dddddd> Doesn't openSUSE Build Service allow to create debian packages also?
[00:14:49] <dddddd> Maybe using salsa one can do it directly in debian infra.
[02:04:18] <dddddd> ERROR: Options "lima" are not in allowed choices
[02:19:37] <dddddd> So, even if 19.0.3 in debian experimental is from April 24, 2019 and """As of 2019/04/12, both drivers have had their userspace components merged into upstream Mesa."""
[02:20:02] <dddddd> It seems they will be part of 19.1
[03:01:35] <dddddd> I'm compiling (non-debian) mesa-19.1.0-rc4.tar.xz
[03:06:44] <xcko> nice! I've been waiting for 19.1 as well. Keep us updated
[23:28:27] <Asara> hey guys, haven't been paying attention lately, any work done on the teres-1 and mainline?
[23:28:38] <Asara> how far am I from gentoo on my teres with mainline everything :D
[23:36:41] <jo0nas> I have no idea at which pace Gentoo tracks mainline stuff
[23:37:20] <jo0nas> I can share my knowledge about bits getting mainlined as part of my tracking the mainlined stuff reaching Debian
[23:38:03] <jo0nas> there are 3 pieces - Arm Trusted Firmware, U-boot, and Linux
[23:40:33] <jo0nas> Mainline Arm Trusted Firmware should work since what in Debian is referenced as 2.0+290.98aab974 which I guess is mainline git commit 98aab974 at some point after mainline release 2.0
[23:41:31] <jo0nas> Mainline U-boot should work since pre-release 2019.07-rc3
[23:43:10] <jo0nas> known missing from mainline u-boot is the Teres-I keyboard - interacting with u-boot shell requires either serial access (the debug "minijack" cable) or plugging in _another_ USB keyboard
[23:44:21] <jo0nas> also it is unknown if mainline u-boot supports accessing eMMC - I have tested only booting from MicroSD
[23:45:05] <jo0nas> Mainline Linux should work since 4.19.0
[23:45:31] <jo0nas> 5.0 has bugs in ext4 so stay away from that!
[23:46:43] <jo0nas> 5.1 introduces some parts of DRI driver but possibly breaks some other parts related to backlight
[23:47:42] <Asara> hm. thanks a lot!
[23:47:51] <Asara> sounds like a few more months before everything is sorted out
[23:47:57] <jo0nas> 5.2.0-rc1 works with backlight
[23:49:37] <Asara> :thumbs-up:
[23:50:22] <jo0nas> I still have not succeeded getting these parts to work yet: DRI, battery status, backlight adjustments (possible to echo values into special path but not working to use xbacklight tool), ALSA driver, HDMI output
[23:51:19] <jo0nas> all of those parts are things others are actively working on with bits and pieces floating around "just" needing to settle in mainline linux
[23:52:14] <jo0nas> when all that is in place, we need new release of the MESA project to get the OpenGL support for the DRI and related stuff
[23:53:00] <jo0nas> I would say there are more than a few months - and on top of that there is whatever time it takes for Gentoo to sync up with those various mainline pieces
[23:54:51] <jo0nas> e.g. if Gentoo chooses to track only formal releases of Arm Trusted Firmware then it means aligning with release 2.1 which maybe is released and maybe is a stable release (don't know if that project uses uneven releases for experimental stuff) and maybe haven't broken anything getting by then