IRC #olimex 2019-05-16

[03:27:51] <xcko> Has anyone experimented with reprogramming the internal keyboard on the teres for differnet layouts?
[10:08:23] <diego71> xcko: you can change the layout also from linux
[10:09:33] <diego71> (also the internal firmware just return a scan code, a number about the "position" of the key, not about the meaning)
[10:26:01] <xcko> diego71: Yeah I use xmodmap to remap my keys already, but if I could change the internal firmware, then maybe I can have custom keymaps on the console too
[10:26:35] <leon-anavi> morning
[10:26:38] <xcko> like if I switched the "position" of caps and esc, would that be understood correctly in userspace?
[10:26:44] <xcko> leon-anavi: morning
[10:49:00] <diego71> xcko: probably yes, you just swap the scan code
[10:53:55] <diego71> take a look at
[10:55:17] <diego71> at line 105, there is the ESC key for example
[11:15:58] <xcko> excellent thanks diego71 I'll poke around, see if I can't get something working
[13:02:40] <xtfc> how start using olinuxino with ubuntu pc