IRC #olimex 2019-05-13

[01:17:14] <xcko> thanks dddddd I'll check out those links and experiment
[01:20:08] <dddddd> great, xcko. It's pretty strightforward to add that couple of nodes. Let us know how it goes for you.
[01:20:39] <xcko> before I've read all the links, do you know why those two pieces did not make it into mainline?
[01:22:58] <dddddd> AFAIU, some conflicts with other parallel work, back then. But it's not totally clear to me.
[01:23:20] <dddddd> There're some responses in the lkml thread about that.
[01:23:50] <xcko> okay, yeah I haven't read through it yet - thanks I'll check it out
[01:24:07] <dddddd> my pleasure
[01:30:29] <dddddd> xcko, you also might want to read the #linux-sunxi log of today:
[01:31:33] <dddddd> even using the search function to read past conversations about "teres", for example (jo0nas recent conversations, for example)
[01:41:20] <xcko> oh cool thanks, I'll start idling on that chan then too
[02:16:42] <xcko> excellent that works!! jo0nas I made a quick paste of the diff needs the allwinner pwm and backlight pwm options in the kernel config
[02:18:45] <xcko> I do get this in my dmesg: pwm-backlight backlight: backlight supply power not found, using dummy regulator
[02:19:57] <xcko> here's a full pastebin if interested
[02:20:00] <xcko> of dmesg
[02:53:42] <dddddd> Sure, those are the modules we talked about past week. As I said, Harald did great work documenting.
[05:52:52] <xcko> yup yup just reiterating. I appreciate your help dddddd pulling stuff together and testing
[08:26:27] <xcko> looks like adding brightness to the dts allows the screen to turn off during suspend
[14:46:35] <dddddd> me too, xcko, reiterating Harald's contributions
[23:47:07] <dddddd> Anyone tried u-boot with the recently merged support for teres-i?
[23:57:55] <xcko> I believe Asara tried it and couldn't get it to work
[23:59:44] <Asara> yeap I tried it with the latest release that included teres-1 in the release notes and I got no backlight