IRC #olimex 2019-05-11

[09:35:17] <dddddd> jo0nas, mainline u-boot is not working for me, whatever ATF I use.
[09:36:04] <dddddd> ... no serial output, at all
[09:49:02] <dddddd> Is everything merged?
[12:26:44] <jo0nas> I believe so, yes - but what is most extensively tested by me is Debian packages - e.g. the combo of pristine mainline ATF and u-boot 2019.01 with a range of patches:
[12:55:55] <dddddd> I'm looking at
[12:56:32] <dddddd> ... and (after a quick look) it seems that both sunxi patches are in the upstream repo
[12:59:25] <dddddd> da1ae5905ee8 (for i2c) 997b857ae31f (defconfig, dts, etc...)
[13:01:51] <dddddd> I really don't know what's happening. I'm crosscompiling as usual.
[13:02:01] <jo0nas> yes (and upstream even has one extra line to fix enable USB driver)
[13:02:35] <jo0nas> are you trying 2019.04 or some snapshot?
[13:03:57] <dddddd> 504bf790da08 (the merge commit that introduced the last changes)
[13:06:14] <dddddd> 2019.04 is older than that
[13:07:18] <dddddd> So I guess there's no error... I'd lack the defconfig I'm using if I'm not in the right commit.
[13:08:59] <jo0nas> ah - I have not tried build the snapshot where teres-i defconfig actually got merged
[13:10:00] <jo0nas> ...but an experimental build of 2019.07 pre-release is soon entering Debian - I will check that
[13:18:07] <dddddd> OK, thanks!
[13:18:33] <dddddd> Asara_ ^ that's as far as I can get... not much, sorry
[13:20:09] <dddddd> If someone can confirm (or better, deny) this results, it would be great.
[23:34:00] <dddddd> I'm going to compile the 5.1.1 kernel