IRC #olimex 2019-05-02

[08:45:38] <xcko> got linux 5.0.10 to boot on the teres (woo!) but while the display is on during uboot, it turns off once the kernel starts. anyone know what the config options are for the backlight / lcd controller in recent kernels? I have the sunxi pwm, and the generic low level backlight controls (sharp corgi) already
[09:11:15] <xcko> I guess the interface between the mainboard and display is an eDP, maybe that's what I'm missing
[09:42:39] <jo0nas> xcko: yeah, I have my Teres-I working fine with 4.19.28 from Debian buster, but 5.0.2 from Debian experimental goes black as you describe it
[09:45:21] <jo0nas> Maybe needs kernel cmdline cma=16M as mentioned at
[12:28:29] <jo0nas> xcko: please do shout when you get linux 5.x working with Teres-I :-)
[12:28:50] <jo0nas> ...and I'll do the same, obviously!
[20:52:18] <Antitrack> xcko: its like, now that you ask I cannot remember, but something like, cannot write environment
[21:41:30] <jo0nas> Antitrack: do you store config in vfat partition or differently?