IRC #olimex 2019-05-01

[06:30:15] <xcko> I'm having trouble booting a custom kernel on the teres, I get a kernel panic "VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)" implying I'm missing a driver for loading the rootfs. I have the fs type and sunxi_mmc modules built in to the kernel, so I seem to be missing something else
[06:31:28] <xcko> Anyone know off hand where I could find more information on what options I need w/o taking e.g. the debian kernel and building everything statically or using an initramfs? I'd prefer to know what exactly I need, not just a good enough solution
[06:33:44] <xcko> here is the full kernel stack trace, it's based off of the defconfig for arm64, with just the sunxi specific board support, and removing some debugging info
[06:36:01] <xcko> judging from the boot log stating "scanning bus 0 for devices... 1 USB Device(s) found" with no usb devices plugged in that maybe I need some usb support builtin as well?
[08:22:07] <Tsvetan> the keyboard+touch are connected as HID device on the USB, use for help
[08:52:21] <xcko> okay, the boot process hasn't got far enough for me to test the keyboard, but I'll keep that in mind. thanks
[09:19:21] <xcko> I found the debian bug report from the olimex forums needing support for the axp20x and a sunxi nand config option that wasn't enabled, hopefully that's enough (usb hid enabled too)
[14:08:08] <Antitrack> I have trouble doing "saveenv" in the u-boot. I flash the SPI, it works, but saving the environment with "saveenv" always gives me some error. what to do?
[18:56:20] <xcko> Antitrack: what's the error?