IRC #olimex 2019-03-05

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[16:46:41] <Tsvetan> Antitrack I will make simple blog post how to use DTS overlays to define UARTS, SPI, I2C
[16:47:11] <Tsvetan> the reason these do not come pre-defined is because many GPIOs has more than one functionality so we can't guess what different customers will need
[16:47:22] <Tsvetan> this is also the reason there is no exported GPIOs by default
[16:47:42] <Tsvetan> the process is very simple and less complicated than using FEX :)
[16:48:31] <Tsvetan> right now we move all our images A13, A20, A33, A64 to mainline 4.20 kernel
[16:49:11] <Tsvetan> kernel 3.4 is obsolete with lot of security issues already taken care of in the newer kernels, also eMMC works much faster on 4.X kernels
[16:49:57] <Tsvetan> there is no any reason people to stay with 3.4 when there is 4.20 (or soon 5.0)
[16:49:58] <jo0nas> \o/
[17:18:18] <wigyori> ~o~