IRC #olimex 2019-02-26

[00:39:24] <xcko_> I would love to run openbsd on my olimex teres. when I was testing, the onboard emmc isn't detected yet, and I didn't complete the install to test anything else
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[12:52:49] <nedko> Wizzup: as drivers/mtd/spi/sf_probe.c fails to build all(?) SPI/SUNXI config flags i enabled, i wonder if MTD is required for spi nor flash boot
[18:08:37] <Wizzup> nedko: what fails exactly?
[18:53:11] <nedko> Wizzup:
[18:53:57] <nedko> this is mainline uboot v2019.01 (the version packaged in openbsd-current)
[18:58:49] <Wizzup> yeah that is broken
[18:58:54] <Wizzup> did you try my tree?
[18:59:47] <nedko> yeah, but it fails to boot openbsd
[19:00:47] <nedko> "EHCI failed to shut down host controller."
[19:01:22] <nedko> v2019.01 through FEL or microsd card boots openbsd
[19:01:47] <nedko> i'll try to find some relevant commits in your tree
[19:03:28] <nedko> i'll try to merge v2019.01 to it and try to build with same emmc+spi configuration
[19:05:10] <Wizzup> if spi boot compliation is broken in 2019 I can try ot look at it later
[19:10:46] <Antitrack> do you guys know how to get uart2 in this devicetreeblob to run ?
[19:11:28] <nedko> what worked for uart4 in my case is to decompile dtb to dts, edit dts, recompile dts to dtb
[19:12:10] <Antitrack> yep but I dont know what, precisely, to edit inside the dts file to get this to work
[19:12:21] <Antitrack> (olimex a20 lime2 emmc rev.k1)
[19:15:04] <nedko>
[19:15:49] <nedko> i did it for rev.g2 board and it worked with openbsd. YMMV
[19:16:50] <Antitrack> oh, nice. you added a phandle, how'd you figure the proper hex value for the phandle?
[19:17:00] <nedko> i used next unused one
[19:17:34] <Antitrack> ok
[19:17:39] <Antitrack> and what does "compatible = "snps,dw-apb-uart"; " mean ?
[19:19:04] <nedko> devicetree-specification-v0.2.pdf is the spec
[19:19:12] <nedko> i think these are for matching drivers
[19:20:19] <nedko> Wizzup: merge led to small conflicts in ax209/pmic
[19:20:45] <nedko> i resolved them and started a new build
[19:20:51] <nedko> with two fingers crossed :)
[19:21:04] <Wizzup> you mean you're merging the fixes for obsd to the branch I linked?
[19:21:35] <nedko> i merged the mainline v2019.01 tag to lime2-spi branch you linked
[19:21:47] <nedko> i've not applied any openbsd specific patches
[19:21:51] <Wizzup> ok
[19:21:55] <Antitrack> where do I get this pdf?
[19:22:07] <nedko> try so search engine
[19:22:43] <nedko> *try a search engine
[19:23:05] <nedko> i think it was linked from wikipedia page for device tree or something
[19:24:11] <Antitrack> ah, ok, now on github
[19:24:26] <Antitrack>
[19:37:59] <nedko> Wizzup: same error after merge
[19:45:41] <Wizzup> not surprising.
[19:45:52] <Wizzup> what if you try latest uboot master?
[20:00:09] <nedko> will try
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