IRC #olimex 2019-02-25

[22:25:44] <nedko> Wizzup: do you know what is best/latest u-boot version to use for booting of lime2 board from spi flash?
[22:28:49] <Wizzup> I think mainline should work, it's just a bit of work to configure it properly
[22:29:13] <Wizzup> alt. you can try
[22:29:35] <nedko> thanks
[22:30:04] <nedko> i'm trying right now with olimex u-boot branch
[22:30:14] <Wizzup> that should work too
[22:30:21] <nedko> soom i will see if this will work :)
[22:30:42] <nedko> *soon :)
[22:45:37] <nedko> Wizzup: is default config for lime2-emmc in lime2-spi branch already set for spi? i see only some spi options are not enabled. e.g. CONFIG_SPL_SPI_FLASH_SUPPORT
[22:45:59] <Wizzup> no, I don't think so @ emmc.
[22:46:25] <Wizzup> Look at the commits, the commits are to the normal defconfig I think
[22:46:32] <Wizzup> configs/A20-OLinuXino-Lime2_defconfig
[22:47:13] <nedko> yup this is so
[22:47:38] <nedko> i'll do equivalent changes for emmc version
[22:48:37] <Wizzup> should work ;)
[22:51:55] <nedko> the olimex version seems to has runtime checks based on eeprom values
[22:52:00] <nedko> this may work too i guess...
[23:25:30] <nedko> i tried the non-emmc config with rev.k lime2, openbsd kernel started booting and then failed early with error: EHCI failed to shut down host controller.
[23:26:07] <nedko> i'll try to enable SPI in mainline v2019.01
[23:27:41] <nedko> openbsd kernel being loaded from sata :)
[23:27:47] <nedko> so it almost works