IRC #olimex 2019-02-05

[10:41:20] <nedko> adjtm_: thanks
[11:21:48] <leon-anavi> hi
[16:45:19] <m4ssi> Hello, seems that i've found the issue related to the boot from eMMC
[16:45:58] <m4ssi> as per Tsvetan post on olimex: Due to lack of reliable eMMC 5.X support by Allwonner boot0 and for future compatibility we are adding 16MB SPI flash for all A20 boards with eMMC, this way the board first boots from the SPI then continue to eMMC with properly set configuration. Allwinner Boot0 can’t handle correctly eMMC 5.X and sometime boot sometimes do not boot, as this is binary blob inside SOC there is nothing w
[16:45:58] <m4ssi> e can do than to use SPI boot to fix eMMC boot parameters.
[16:49:52] <m4ssi> i've never ever hit by this issue before...all old revision G have worked like a charm...
[16:50:43] <nedko> older revisions used eMMC version less than 5?
[16:51:31] <m4ssi> well actually i don't know, btw good hint
[17:15:06] <m4ssi> confirmed, old revG has eMMC 4.5
[17:16:44] <m4ssi> fine, maybe i've to solder missing SPI-NOR in all 50 boards in order to properly find a spot where it can boot
[18:28:44] <frk> Hello