IRC #olimex 2019-02-04

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[18:02:16] <m4ssi> Hello,
[18:03:02] <m4ssi> i've some issues with lime2 , somethimes when powered via DC Jack it doesn't start
[18:04:07] <m4ssi> green led remains powered off.. when i remove the dc jack and connect again it Lime2 starts again
[18:05:15] <m4ssi> am i the only one that suffer of this issue? or it's a known behaviour
[18:07:42] <nedko> green led is probably PH2 GPIO
[18:07:58] <nedko> it doesnt change at all during boot of my lime2's
[18:08:16] <nedko> what software (os) are you booting?
[18:08:35] <m4ssi> it's a custom yocto build, i'm wondering if i miss something on configuration side
[18:17:21] <tnovotny> m4ssi: the led is handled by kernel. It is configured in device tree, see:
[18:19:37] <m4ssi> what i saw is that when board doesn't start, also no bootloader message are shown via UART DEBUG
[19:12:40] <nedko> i wonder if it makes sense to use more priceley V30 microsd card instead of V10, for lime2
[19:13:06] <nedko> i guess the best way is to try :)
[23:35:19] <adjtm_> nedko, very often it's the random performance what matters, but sdcards are rated by sequential performance
[23:35:52] <adjtm_> there are a couple of people that have made benchmarks of sdcards with arm sbcs
[23:37:23] <adjtm_> the problem is that brand names (even the model name) is just marketing, the flash, controller and firmware change at any moment
[23:37:47] <adjtm_> my experience is samsung always good
[23:38:25] <adjtm_> other depends a lot, for example kingston are sometimes faster with lower rated sdcards
[23:40:28] <adjtm_> nedko,
[23:42:27] <adjtm_> sdcards are designed mainly for photo/video applications, were sequential performance matters, for a computer it's the other way around