IRC #olimex 2019-01-29

[01:12:11] <koz_> I'm using a Lime2 from mains power, and I wanna monitor exactly how many volts and amps it's pulling down. How can I do that?
[09:35:05] <leon-anavi> hi
[09:46:54] <koz_> Hi leon-anavi!
[09:46:59] <koz_> Think you can help me with something?
[09:47:01] <koz_> I'm using a Lime2 from mains power, and I wanna monitor exactly how many volts and amps it's pulling down. How can I do that?
[10:02:18] <leon-anavi> hm... I can't give you an exact recommendation
[10:02:55] <leon-anavi> there are some USB dongles that can measure power consumption
[10:03:36] <leon-anavi> long ago I played with one but was very simple just showing the consumption on a small 7 segment screens
[11:35:54] <CYBERDEViL> Hi I'm having trouble getting ethernet to work on a Lime2 rev.K, it works fine with the image from Olimex but not with Devuan, any suggestions?
[11:39:33] <CYBERDEViL> The interface is recognized and I can bring it up/down, also it won't get a IP from DHCP. I tried setting a static IP which doesn't work (the IP is set though).
[11:42:16] <nedko> are Olimex and Devuan same network initialization system?
[11:42:28] <nedko> are Olimex and Devuan *using* same network initialization system?
[11:43:48] <nedko> Devuan is systemd-less by design
[11:44:03] <nedko> how about the Olimex image you used?
[11:45:13] <koz_> leon-anavi: How would that work with the kind of power input that the Lime2 has? I've got such a dongle for a microUSB powered board, but that obviously won't work here.
[11:46:32] <CYBERDEViL> Olimex image is Debian jessie 3.4, Devuan I tried jessie and ascii. Yes it's true Devuan doesn't use systemd.
[11:46:36] <nedko> koz_: you can measure current with (milli)voltmeter and 1% resistor
[11:46:51] <koz_> nedko: Is this a viable thing to have going constantly?
[11:46:57] <koz_> And would I have to make it myself?
[11:48:33] <nedko> koz_: you can make it constant installation too. i plan to solder some ina* chip by ti, to measure
[11:49:01] <nedko> koz_: otoh pmic axp chip on lime provides some sensors too
[11:49:53] <nedko> CYBERDEViL: you may be more lucky to find answer in #devuan
[11:51:06] <nedko> i think lime2 network interfaces appear like any other network interface in linux
[11:51:53] <nedko> so your problem is probably more Devuan specific than Lime2
[11:52:13] <leon-anavi> koz_, lime2 is also with 5V input
[11:52:33] <leon-anavi> just like the USB chargers that are at 5V
[11:52:42] <nedko> with some soldering... :)
[11:53:22] <CYBERDEViL> Al right, I will try there too. Can it be that it has to do with the U-boot I use?
[11:54:43] <nedko> CYBERDEViL: maybe driver for the network interface in Devuan does not work? i doubt that though
[11:58:02] <nedko> koz_: you may also consider measuring the mains AC consumption of the psu you use for powering lime2
[11:59:25] <nedko> but don't solder AC unless you are qualified for this, you can get killed. there are ready to use devices in supermarkets here
[11:59:29] <nedko> that can do it
[11:59:54] <nedko> the measurement, not the killing ;)
[12:00:31] <CYBERDEViL> Yes can be
[12:08:29] <CYBERDEViL> Hmm now my SD card is failing, will report back when I have a new one.
[12:22:41] <koz_> nedko: Thanks! I'll keep that in mind.
[12:27:25] <jo0nas> CYBERDEViL: I believe there is a known issue with LIME2 rev. k boards and network drivers
[12:27:57] <nedko> jo0nas: you have seen other reports?
[12:29:20] <jo0nas> as I understand it, rev. k changed to a different phy, which requires patches to network drivers in linux
[12:30:07] <nedko> makes sense, thanks :)
[12:31:19] <jo0nas> FreedomBox mentions the issue at tracking it at
[12:31:58] <jo0nas> FreedomBox uses Debian, so relates to Devuan regarding use of Linux kernel, I believe
[12:32:39] <nedko> i think it is true even without faith :)
[12:34:50] <jo0nas> :-)
[12:34:59] <jo0nas> ACTION is a strong believer
[13:59:04] <CYBERDEViL> jo0nas ah nice find thank you :-)
[13:59:23] <CYBERDEViL> Are there any known solutions/patches?
[14:03:59] <jo0nas> please read yourself
[14:05:12] <CYBERDEViL> Had to enable JS before the comments appeared :')
[15:02:55] <Tsvetan> Hi
[15:03:11] <Tsvetan> Rev.K has different PHY - Micrel/Microchip instead Realtek
[15:03:27] <Tsvetan> this require changes in the initialization
[15:04:01] <Tsvetan> my guess is this Devuan image uses old Realtek initialization
[15:04:16] <Tsvetan> and this is why it doesn't work with rev.K
[15:04:58] <Tsvetan> PHY was changed to Micrel as they produce it in both commercial and industrial temperature range so we can offer industrial grade boards
[15:05:07] <Tsvetan> with Realtek PHY this was not possible
[15:06:34] <Tsvetan> probably small patch is necessary for the Devuan image but we are not familiar with it and can't help, someone who uses this distribution may be of more help
[15:25:08] <CYBERDEViL> Tsvetan that makes sense, I will contact Devuan to see if they have a solution. Thanks