IRC #olimex 2019-01-03

[00:38:56] <dnegreira> jo0nas: gonna give it a try
[01:08:45] <dnegreira> jo0nas: wifi not working, seems that firmware-realtek is not there
[01:20:01] <dnegreira> jo0nas: you should include the binary for the wifi firmware on the image as well as 'ps' and some other basic tools
[01:21:06] <dnegreira> cant do much (dont have a usb -> ethernet adapter)
[01:57:36] <jo0nas> dnegreira: the main image does not include non-free blobs, so no working wifi
[01:58:03] <jo0nas> ...but quirky image _does_ contain it - I tested that wifi works
[01:59:07] <jo0nas> they are all _minimal_ images purposefully: Only enough to get you online where you can get more with APT
[02:01:44] <jo0nas> please make sure you install the quirky image (when you don't have a USB ethernet adapter) and follow the guide at to activate wifi - and if that fails then please tell me _exactly_ at which step in the guide it fails and what exactly the failure is
[02:27:12] <dnegreira> jo0nas: I did all of that, the image does not ship with the wifi drivers and I was unable to detect my wifi card
[02:29:18] <dnegreira> and yes I did ran the quirk one
[02:31:40] <dnegreira> jo0nas: after I added the firmware to the image manually it works
[02:31:41] <jo0nas> hm. I will double-check!
[02:31:55] <jo0nas> the package firmware-realtek?
[02:32:51] <jo0nas> ...or how exactly do you mean you "added the firmware [...] manually"?
[02:33:53] <dnegreira> jo0nas: I copied /lib/firmware/rtlwifi/ from the armbian image, and copied onto /lib/firmware onto the sdcard that has the quirk image
[02:34:15] <dnegreira> and no firmware-realtek package no
[02:36:42] <dnegreira> other than that seems ok
[02:38:05] <jo0nas> I will not copy anything from outside Debian, but if package firmware-realtek is not in the quirky image then it appears I made an error generating that image - sorry!
[02:38:16] <dnegreira> no worries
[02:38:23] <dnegreira> this is why I am testing :)
[02:41:49] <jo0nas> ah, I see not in my bash history that I failed to test the final image
[02:43:39] <jo0nas> testing now (while waiting for a rebuild to complete) but expect you to be right, of course, and the image will be broken
[02:47:47] <jo0nas> dnegreira: nope - firmware-realtek _is_ included in the image!
[02:48:10] <jo0nas> ACTION double-checking that the checked image has same checksum as the published one...
[02:49:43] <dnegreira> jo0nas: that is very od
[02:49:46] <dnegreira> +d
[02:49:56] <dnegreira>
[02:50:09] <dnegreira> this is the one I got
[02:50:23] <dnegreira> if I mount it locally I do see tha the firmware folder is missing there
[02:50:33] <jo0nas> oh - checksums do *not* match - my fault, then!
[02:50:57] <jo0nas> the image I tested now was made 30 minutes earlier than the one I ended up publishing
[02:51:04] <dnegreira> :)
[02:51:27] <jo0nas> ...but wouldn't have mattered, because I also failed to test the one I _thought_ that I uploaded :-P
[02:52:20] <dnegreira> can you build one with 4.21?
[02:52:44] <jo0nas> ahh, I see now what went wrong: I published the non-quirky image in quirk folder
[02:53:16] <jo0nas> I cannot build with experimental kernel, no
[02:53:31] <dnegreira> ok
[02:53:49] <jo0nas> ...but you should easily be able to a) add experimental suite to APT sources.list, and then b) install that kernel yourelf
[02:54:05] <dnegreira> will try that
[02:54:23] <dnegreira> FWIW I tried to do the apt upgrade and no more booty booty
[02:54:29] <jo0nas> the crucial thing that I failed to do right was make sure that the image provides working network
[02:54:33] <dnegreira> apt update && apt dist-upgrade that is
[02:54:41] <jo0nas> booty booty?
[02:54:48] <dnegreira> could not boot anymore :)
[02:54:52] <jo0nas> oh
[02:55:13] <jo0nas> that obviously should not happen!
[02:55:38] <dnegreira> yeah but first lets get the image right then I think I can help better with throubleshooting this part
[02:58:15] <jo0nas> sure
[02:58:24] <jo0nas> ACTION uploading now...
[03:04:22] <jo0nas> dnegreira: ok - images at should now all be as intended
[03:05:15] <jo0nas> ACTION tries see if the quirky image survives an "apt update && apt upgrade && reboot"
[03:07:28] <dnegreira> jo0nas: downloading
[03:13:39] <jo0nas> my system survived an "apt upgrade"
[03:13:50] <jo0nas> booting after that, I mean
[03:17:14] <dnegreira> sounds good
[03:17:24] <dnegreira> im writing the image now
[03:21:43] <dnegreira> booted fine
[03:21:45] <dnegreira> with wifi
[03:21:56] <jo0nas> good
[03:22:12] <jo0nas> now try do whatever you did before to break bootability!
[03:23:20] <dnegreira> :)
[03:25:12] <dnegreira> there is no new kernel to be installed, which is what I think caused the image not to boot anymore
[03:25:20] <dnegreira> (last image not this one)
[03:25:31] <jo0nas> makes sense
[03:25:49] <jo0nas> to provoke that, you can switch to unstable
[03:26:09] <jo0nas> no need to upgrade everything, just install the 2.4.20 kernel
[03:26:30] <jo0nas> and for getting a more rich console environment: Get you build environment where you have a clone of the box repo, do this: make content/console-buster/
[03:26:56] <jo0nas> (it should _not_ require lots of tools or fail in weird ways!)
[03:27:08] <dnegreira> hmm its stuck after I type reboot
[03:27:27] <dnegreira> stuck on shutting down that is
[03:27:38] <jo0nas> ...and then copy over that generated shell script content/console-buster/ to your sdcard, and execute it as root while running on the TERES-I
[03:28:11] <jo0nas> yes, I also experienced hanging at reboot - had to to a forced shutoff
[03:28:32] <jo0nas> I believe that is a kernel issue, not tied to my setup
[03:29:38] <dnegreira> probably yeah
[03:29:58] <dnegreira> im done for the evening, glad that we could make it boot + network
[03:31:05] <jo0nas> looking forward to work more with you!
[03:31:17] <jo0nas> thanks a lot for what was covered so far!
[03:31:43] <dnegreira> no worries, cant wait to have an image with 4.21 on Teres
[03:31:52] <dnegreira> there are a lot of new goodies comin' in
[03:32:23] <jo0nas> hmm, no - 4.21 is not in experimental yet, it seems - only 4.20
[03:33:17] <jo0nas> right - I remembered it wrong:
[03:33:34] <jo0nas> unstable has a newer 4.19, and experimental has 4.20
[03:33:50] <jo0nas> I am testing now install of 4.20
[03:34:03] <dnegreira> coolio
[03:34:10] <dnegreira> are you going to FOSDEM by any chance ?
[03:34:18] <jo0nas> possibly that works differently than updating 4.19 - I will test that afterwards
[03:34:30] <jo0nas> hmm, I don't think so
[03:34:44] <jo0nas> where are you located (if you don't mind sharing)?
[03:35:04] <jo0nas> I expect to get to Paris a few weeks of February
[03:35:09] <dnegreira> im in NL
[03:35:28] <jo0nas> ah, ok
[03:36:03] <jo0nas> I don't have any excuse/plans for passing by there, unfortunately
[03:37:33] <dnegreira> I was asking because there is a room dedicated to hardware enablement on Sunday
[03:37:37] <dnegreira> might be of your interest maybe
[03:37:44] <dnegreira>
[03:38:03] <dnegreira> but you can always watch it from home
[03:39:22] <jo0nas> heh - yeah, I am generally interested mostly in the hallway track at gatherings
[03:39:55] <jo0nas> ...and at FOSDEM the hallway track is a) extremely packed, and b) quite cold...
[03:40:26] <dnegreira> FOSDEM is packed everywhere :)
[03:42:06] <jo0nas> ok, I managed to make by system unbootable now!
[03:43:33] <dnegreira> :)
[03:43:45] <dnegreira> im gonna grab some z's
[03:43:49] <dnegreira> see you later
[03:44:10] <jo0nas> yes, see you later!
[10:43:25] <leon-anavi> morning
[12:42:52] <dnegreira> morning
[12:45:42] <jo0nas> morning