IRC #olimex 2018-02-12

[11:05:59] <leon-anavi> hi
[11:27:08] <adj__2> leon-anavi, hi
[11:27:48] <adj__2> I need a bit of free time to watch your videos at fosdem
[11:31:57] <tbr> ACTION doesn't saw at least one in person ;-)
[11:38:34] <unclouded> has anyone got a kernel .config handy for the iMX23 OLinuXino? I can't get my USB to work with kernel 4.9 following the instructions at
[11:51:07] <braunr> unclouded: buildroot can produce a complete image in very short time
[11:52:04] <braunr> unclouded: they use the "mxs" kernel defconfig
[11:52:09] <unclouded> hi braunr. it doesn't take too long to produce an image but it's painful to pull the SD to copy the zImage each time
[11:52:39] <unclouded> ah ok, cheers. I'll see what they've done for the HCD there
[11:53:24] <unclouded> does the defconfig for "mxs" definitely produce a working driver for 4.9?
[11:53:38] <braunr> i've tried it a couple of months ago
[11:53:51] <braunr> not sure if it was 4.9 though but very close if not
[11:54:06] <braunr> but hm driver for what ? hcd ?
[11:54:30] <braunr> do you mean usb ?
[11:57:14] <leon-anavi> adj__2, me too +1 for fosdem videos :)
[11:58:31] <unclouded> it's so annoying pulling the SD card each time that I've set up pppd on the second UART to get the kernel image candidates on there
[11:58:59] <unclouded> does it need CONFIG_USB_GADGET in order to work?
[11:59:29] <braunr> what does ?
[11:59:43] <braunr> i guess it depends on how you use it
[11:59:47] <unclouded> I might just check over that my USB config is exactly the same as the defconfig
[12:00:07] <braunr> if you use it as a device on a usb bus with a controller, such as plugged into your pc, you do
[12:00:11] <unclouded> ah, I mean need CONFIG_USB_GADGET in order for host mode to work at all
[12:02:24] <braunr> can't you boot the kernel through the network with uboot ?
[12:02:35] <braunr> or bareboot maybe
[12:03:37] <unclouded> the kernel boots fine but `lsusb` returns nothing
[12:04:46] <braunr> well if you're not acting as a host, that's normal
[12:05:05] <unclouded> removing / inserting a USB device produces nothing in dmesg
[12:05:31] <braunr> wait, lsusb running on the imx board right ?
[12:05:55] <unclouded> I've probably removed something i shouldn't have or built something as a module that I shouldn't have. I might try the defconfig as is and see if that works
[12:06:21] <unclouded> yes, lsusb running on the iMX for sure
[12:07:34] <braunr> i'm at work right now, can't try yet :/
[12:08:49] <unclouded> is there a make command to use defconfig or shall I just copy it over .config? sorry the last time I built a kernel it was 2.4
[12:09:06] <braunr> make ARCH=arm mxs_defconfig
[12:10:58] <unclouded> nice. thank-you
[12:11:37] <braunr> you're welcome