IRC #olimex 2018-02-09

[08:11:01] <codefree> i got USB->Serial->Jack cable setup for TERES-1, but on minicom I only see a bunch of funny control characters when it is booting up. Is there special baud settings required or something?
[08:13:07] <tbr> which baud-rate have you set up?
[08:13:46] <codefree> the default, 115200 8N1
[08:14:28] <codefree> just left minicom at default, and the tried 9600 but that didn't seem to work either
[08:14:56] <codefree> unless maybe it is this crappy splicing job I did, messing up the signal
[08:14:58] <tbr> I'm not familiar with its boot process, but check the kernel commandline for hints
[08:15:21] <codefree> i'm trying to see the bootloader output before kernel
[08:15:40] <tbr> yes, but they are probably set for the same baud rate
[08:16:11] <tbr> cat /proc/cmdline
[08:18:09] <codefree> it says 115200n8
[08:18:50] <tbr> ok, then you indeed might have a wiring or reference voltage issue
[08:19:21] <tbr> make sure your usb-serial device is set for 3.3V
[08:21:54] <codefree> i don't know how to check, model number is cp-us-03, it looks like
[08:57:02] <tbr> uh-oh!
[08:57:09] <tbr> that's a RS-232C adapter!
[08:57:32] <tbr> disconnect immediately and pray you didn't fry the RX input
[10:13:26] <diego71> codefree: you need a ttl level serial adapter
[10:52:11] <leon-anavi> hi
[14:05:32] <leon-anavi> I've just backed the crowdfunding campaign for Allwinner VPU support in the official Linux kernel by Bootlin, formerly Free Electrons
[14:05:38] <leon-anavi>
[14:06:02] <leon-anavi> I guess this crowdfunding campaign will have a lot of followers from this channel ;)
[15:37:52] <adj__2> leon-anavi, i have never used olinuxinos for video, but I'm happy to see that paulk is going to be one of the developers
[15:38:11] <adj__2> this is specially good for Teres users, as it will add support for A64
[15:38:43] <adj__2> who wants a laptop without video decoding or with crappy blobs?
[15:38:45] <adj__2> :)
[16:02:27] <leon-anavi> adj__2, yes :)
[16:02:42] <leon-anavi> Free electrons are doing great stuff
[16:02:52] <leon-anavi> I was sad to hear that they were forced to change their name
[16:18:47] <braunr> indeed