IRC #olimex 2018-02-04

[00:05:45] <Boby> Hello!
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[15:43:56] <dddddd> hi
[16:18:32] <diego71> hi
[16:37:15] <diego71> dddddd: I try to connect to your url but didn't work
[16:38:15] <dddddd> diego71, it was temporal, it's down now but I can put it online, let me...
[16:39:05] <dddddd> diego71, retry please
[16:39:52] <diego71> ok, now it works thanks. You can put on a pastebin next time
[16:40:04] <dddddd> fell free
[16:40:56] <dddddd> *feel free
[16:40:59] <diego71> dddddd: I mean, if you don't want to keep a http server running, you can put on a free pastebin somewhere
[16:41:12] <dddddd> I know what you mean