IRC #olimex 2018-01-12

[09:25:38] <leon-anavi> morning
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[21:32:54] <christopher74837> on the TERES-1 is there a secret key combo that has the system give you more info about what is happening during boot process. I was trying to run the Jessie image I built using the scripts, but it hangs at the "Olimex" logo
[21:33:25] <christopher74837> i.e., trying to run the image of the microSD card
[22:00:53] <diego71> christopher74837: you really need a serial usb adapter
[22:03:44] <diego71> it makes it more easy. You can see messages from u-boot, and you can interact with the u-boot prompt
[22:04:09] <christopher74837> how do I hook into the board?
[22:04:19] <christopher74837> the olimex board, I mean
[22:05:31] <diego71> during the boot the "sound" jack is connected to the serial port
[22:06:07] <diego71> so you need a standard audio jack (stereo) and connect it to a serial-usb adapter
[22:07:20] <diego71>
[22:10:31] <diego71> it's quite easy to do if you have a solder (and cheap, you can buy a usb-serial adapter for a couple of euros, or even less from china)
[22:12:20] <christopher74837> hmm, okay
[22:13:33] <christopher74837> there are no electronics shops anywhere near where I live, so I'll have to look into ordering
[22:13:50] <christopher74837> was Olimex about to come out with their own adapter?
[22:14:42] <diego71> christopher74837: I hope so. It's very useful if you need to hack your teres
[22:16:10] <diego71> if you have an arduino (or compatible) usually you can use it as usb-serial adapter (just in case you have a spare one available)
[22:17:03] <christopher74837> I have an Uno, though I haven't played with it much, to be honest
[22:18:34] <diego71> christopher74837: there is a lot of tutorial online. For example: (just one of the first on google :))
[22:19:12] <diego71> the first 1 is the simplest
[22:30:53] <christopher74837> hmm... I'm afraid that might just double my chances of doing something wrong trying to get the communication established. I'll think I try to get that usb-serial cable
[22:31:49] <christopher74837> diego71: do you know much about ipv6? had a different question