IRC #olimex 2018-01-11

[01:04:19] <dddddd> Anyone owns the BB-CH340T USB/serial converter? Please ping me. I'd like to understand some weird behaviour (does it reproduce elsewhere? Am I using it wrong? Bad luck and faulty item?
[01:06:00] <dddddd> I did a lot of tests, and everything else seems OK (different combinations of every other element)
[10:41:18] <leon-anavi> hi
[11:27:16] <valhalla_> morning
[13:53:05] <kevin_fr> Someon here ?
[13:53:54] <kevin_fr> I have a question on one of your product.
[13:56:57] <jo0nas> kevin_fr: don't ask for permission to ask - just ask your question, and you will see if anyone responds
[14:43:44] <adj__> kevin_fr, just ask, but be aware that this is not a support channel from Olimex staff
[14:44:02] <adj__> nearly all of us are customers
[14:46:32] <adj__> for official support ask Olimex by email
[14:58:24] <kevin_fr> Ok, it's the first time I use this tool. I'm noob on electronic things. I need to find cable to interface to a microcontroller, and guess what ? I don't know which microcontroller it is. So I have pic of females plug : there are two like this one --> , and one with this : Can someone help me find the product(s) I need, I think this one :
[14:58:38] <kevin_fr> can't be microcontroller of AVR kind ( ) ?
[15:11:19] <adj__> kevin_fr, do you have a high resolution picture of the full board? or a link to a web page with info about the board?
[15:14:47] <kevin_fr>
[15:15:07] <kevin_fr> as you see microcontroller is hidden under the battery
[15:46:27] <adj__> kevin_fr, I'm not sure, but probably that programmers from olimex could work
[15:46:49] <adj__> first, make sure which header is the one for programming
[15:47:03] <adj__> look for the ground and power pins
[15:47:15] <adj__> the other 4 should be the SPI pins
[15:47:56] <adj__> can you look under the supercapacitor, ir is it glued?
[15:48:11] <kevin_fr> I'll buy all possibilities
[15:48:22] <kevin_fr> In fact I've only this picture
[15:48:42] <adj__> you can look which microcontroller part is, look at the pin description to look for the SPI programming pins
[15:48:54] <adj__> then follow the traces to see where they go
[15:51:42] <kevin_fr> thx for your responses adj__
[15:52:14] <adj__> at least check with a multimeter which pins are gnd and pwr
[15:52:49] <adj__> can you share which device is that board from? I'm curious
[15:54:54] <kevin_fr> I will but I don't have the device physically, only this pic.. and I must have connectors before getting it
[15:55:00] <kevin_fr> It's some meter
[15:55:35] <kevin_fr> That's why I can buy 2 or 3 hypothesis
[15:57:11] <kevin_fr> I thought about this one also : the picture seems to have 6 pin in line but in "AVR ICSP 6 pin connector" there is 3X2 pattern
[16:00:20] <kevin_fr> If you have another hypothesis, tell me...
[16:04:04] <adj__> better if you could read the part number under the capacitor
[16:07:30] <adj__> you could program the board with any board that has SPI interface, I suppose that that kind of programmers are for compatibility with the microcontoller vendor tools
[16:08:16] <adj__> as the programmer has a USB to SPI chip, the computer needs a driver, the vendor tools probably has one integrated for their own programmers
[16:13:51] <kevin_fr> Thx adj__, I go
[21:25:28] <dddddd> hi