IRC #olimex 2018-01-09

[09:48:26] <diego71_> lukas2511: there is also gEDA, but I don't know how much is used this days
[10:16:29] <valhalla_> lukas2511: that's what backported kernels are for, aren't they?
[10:19:56] <valhalla_> (i.e. to run stable on very new hardware)
[11:00:32] <lukas2511> valhalla_: it's not that easy
[11:01:43] <lukas2511> a friend of mine had to backport some packages for new computers for his university, i think it was around a dozen packages to get all the acceleration working with the new intel gpu in those machines
[11:02:07] <lukas2511> and then you have to maintain them yourself because you won't get updates on them
[11:02:20] <leon-anavi> hi
[11:02:50] <lukas2511> hi
[11:15:44] <valhalla_> lukas2511: I meant the officially backported ones, not backporting them yourself
[11:16:08] <valhalla_> but yeah, if you need something else beyond the kernel there is no guarantee that it is available
[11:16:31] <lukas2511> yea but again, it's not just the kernel
[11:16:39] <lukas2511> the backported kernel is great for a lot of stuff
[11:17:06] <lukas2511> but in some cases you just need a lot more to get things running smoothly
[11:18:05] <lukas2511> but now with stretch everyting is fresh enough that it runs on modern hardware, but let's see, that might change again with the new intel cpus/gpus
[11:18:06] <valhalla_> ACTION tends to use hardware that most people consider obsolete anyway, so doesn't have much experience with shiny new stuff (I do use a lot the official backports to get shiny new software stuff, however)
[11:18:20] <valhalla_> (x86 hardware, at least)
[11:18:45] <valhalla_> (I've used the backported kernel on arm quite more often)