IRC #olimex 2018-01-06

[08:06:11] <greg___> are there experiences in installing debian on a lime2/micro with full file system encryption?
[15:30:21] <greg___> is there a difference in SATA with micro/lime2? specs of lime 2 says "Native SATA support" micro only "SATA support".
[15:33:40] <lukas2511> no difference
[15:34:47] <lukas2511> debian with disk encryption should work, but will probably be slow. for a low traffic mailserver it probably will work good enough
[15:48:24] <lukas2511> greg___:
[16:36:58] <adj__> greg___, lime, lime2 and micro have native SATA (that means not usb to sata controller), difference is that lime2 uses the Gbit ethernet controler (micro and lime 100Mb only)
[16:37:41] <adj__> Gbit in allwinner A20 is about 500Mb/s at best, because of a limitation in the internal bus
[16:38:09] <dddddd> brtlin, thanks for the reference about reboot problems on lime2 with recent u-boot. That almost sure explains why after panic (no init as expected in this preliminary uSD) and 10 seconds the system didn't reboot. Nice to know!
[16:38:39] <adj__> greg___, I have read that if you intensively use Gbit and SATA at the same time, the speed drops
[16:39:12] <adj__> my use have been light and I have never benchmark it, so I can't say
[16:40:31] <adj__> dddddd, I that reboots happens because u-boot, better chat about that in the u-boot channel or mailing list
[16:42:40] <dddddd> Yes, it seems so. In case you missed the reference: (I didn't try to blame any other thing)
[16:44:51] <dddddd> I didn't think it's offtopic to present my anecdote and thanks; is it, adj__?
[16:49:08] <dddddd> adj__, if I missinterpreted you (and just wanted to point me to upstream), sorry and thanks.
[16:53:46] <dddddd> Another glitch I experienced is that lime2->BB-CH340T->PC prints ÿÿÿÿÿ (0xFF chars) instead of the correct output sometimes (I mean, parts of the text are right, around the "noise", and it's deterministic)
[16:54:14] <dddddd> Same lime2 direct to RPi uart works fine.
[16:54:37] <dddddd> (same serial params)
[16:54:42] <dddddd> Anyone had problems like this?
[18:18:43] <adj__> dddddd, I suggested to inform about that in the u-boot channels, I didn't mean not to chat about that here
[18:19:00] <adj__> sorry for my bad expressions
[18:19:10] <adj__> :)
[18:19:36] <dddddd> no problem, text is hard sometimes (:
[18:21:01] <adj__> specially if not your mother tongue :)
[18:21:11] <adj__> (in my case)
[18:26:39] <dddddd> same here!
[18:30:24] <brtlin> /join #u-boot
[18:30:33] <brtlin> sorry
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