IRC #olimex 2018-01-05

[10:46:08] <leon-anavi> morning
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[21:07:44] <greg___> i would like to build a small self hosted web server, email server. is the A20-OLinuXino-MICRO or A20-OLinuXino-LIME2 better suited for this?
[21:09:08] <lukas2511> greg___: lime2 has better network and a nice case
[21:09:53] <greg___> thank you. can a ssd be mounted on the lime2 case?
[21:10:35] <lukas2511> no, it's a tiny case, just around the board. not sure if there is a case which can hold one of those boards with an ssd
[21:13:31] <greg___> micro2 B box says there can be a ssd mounted:
[21:14:06] <greg___> ssd is not inside but mounted on top of it as far as i understand
[21:17:44] <lukas2511> performance wise it doesn't really matter which board you choose, except for the better network there is no difference, and for a web and mail server that shouldn't really matter
[21:17:52] <lukas2511> so if the case fits your need, go with the micro
[21:26:58] <greg___> is there a difference in hardware stability? are there any known issues? what is the ind version of the micro? industrial? better stability?
[21:32:25] <lukas2511> industrial, only real difference is that it's fully rated for a wide temperature range, nothing that would be important for home use
[21:34:18] <lukas2511> and otherwise those boards are basically all the same just in different form factors and slightly different peripherals (micro has audio and can be run from 6-30V iirc, lime2 has gigabit ethernet and can only be run with a 5V supply)
[21:39:18] <greg___> it is located in a data center and should be very stable hardware wise because access is limited and with travel time.
[21:47:33] <brtlin> greg___: generally they are stable, but mind this with recent u-boot:
[21:48:39] <brtlin> a reboot can make them stuck until power is cycled (this is about lime series boards, don't know about micro)
[21:49:43] <brtlin> older u-boot versions are more stable because they don't touch LDO3 yet. AFAIC current u-boot still has the problem.
[23:23:43] <adj__> greg___, with box-micro-b the 2.5" ssd is mounted inside, if I understand it correctly
[23:24:18] <adj__> with box-lime you can mount it outside with doble side tape, for example
[23:24:38] <adj__> lime2 has Gbit ethernet and is cheaper
[23:26:47] <adj__> greg___, by the way, you can also use a 2.5" mechanical HDD
[23:27:17] <adj__> I think that the only condition is that the HDD don't need a 12V power connection
[23:27:17] <lukas2511> but why would somebody in the right mind use a mechanical HDD in 2018?
[23:27:37] <adj__> price, capacity and price per GB
[23:28:05] <adj__> lukas2511, mechanical HDDs are also better for storing data for a long time
[23:28:38] <lukas2511> really? i don't trust mechanical hdds
[23:29:32] <lukas2511> they run and run and run and then you try to reboot the machine and a bunch of disks just never spin up again, and then you try to bake them to get the platters moving again, and if you are lucky enough disks spin back up for the raid to come up again... no thanks :D
[23:30:03] <adj__> flash loose data if you wait enough
[23:33:13] <lukas2511> mechanical hdds are extremely sensitive to humidity and (sudden) movement, bearings may die / grease may harden (not sure with modern hdds), they also have a bit of flash storage keeping the firmware (if that would "fade" the disk is dead), etc.