IRC #olimex 2018-01-01

[18:59:37] <christopher74837> educational question: the main SOC for the TERES-1: the CPU and other chips are proprietary, but the layout/design of the board is open and reproducible?
[19:00:18] <christopher74837> do I understand correctly?
[19:01:45] <dddddd> That's how I understand it, yes.
[19:52:07] <adj__> christopher74837, dddddd, I don't know if Olimex has already released the CAD files
[19:52:27] <adj__> they have released the CAD files of most of their designs, but not all
[20:19:15] <mathiasx> It looks like it is all here
[20:19:36] <adj__> great! :)
[20:21:13] <adj__> it seems that not for the plastic case, but it seems that it's all for the pcbs
[20:22:47] <christopher74837> i tried to run the debian image from an SD card yesterday, but there seem to be r/w errors on my SD card. I was going to try finding another SD card
[20:22:58] <christopher74837> microsd, that is
[21:35:33] <dddddd> I'm training myself creating the SD for the A20-olimexino-lime2, everything from scratch.
[21:37:55] <christopher74837> dddddd: going to do some blog posts or something?
[21:38:58] <dddddd> maybe, but can't promise (; I'm using the sunxi wiki as reference.
[21:39:22] <dddddd> uboot and kernel are on the sd already (both mainline)
[21:39:49] <dddddd> I'm using debian sid as host for crosscompiling
[21:47:26] <dddddd> anyway, I'll share the steps informally if no formal blog post, obviously.
[21:53:06] <dddddd> in other words, spamming you all with my «ups and downs» here :P
[22:40:33] <diego71> dddddd: for A20-olimexino-lime2, everything works fine with the standard debian installer
[22:41:03] <diego71>
[22:43:54] <christopher74837> now you ruined it for him... all the fun he was going to have flipping bits with his hex editor
[22:43:59] <dddddd> sure! but doing it manually is more educative, d
[22:44:08] <dddddd> ^ diego71
[22:45:48] <dddddd> to gain confidence for the harder tasks to come. I did something similar for RPi but was time ago and I need to refresh my neurons :)
[23:15:34] <tbr> someone would need to get op in here and /invite Sigyn
[23:15:46] <tbr> seems to help
[23:17:34] <dddddd> We asked for Sigyn for another channel and it seems it not recommended for any channel and it's invitation is reviewed by freenode staff on chan-per-chan basis
[23:17:54] <tbr> ah, sucks
[23:18:13] <dddddd> <niko> Sigyn works at network level, so could be a bit harsh for a misspaste or some channels related to game/trivia where people try many combinaison of same words
[23:18:33] <dddddd> <niko> for small channels you may consider using a bot with protections
[23:18:33] <dddddd> <niko> like chantracker or attackprotector with limnoria
[23:18:43] <tbr> mhm
[23:18:51] <dddddd> I don't know any of those