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Philips 'CSM 84-3' SMD SMT placer 2 heads 2 fixed feeder benches with each 42 tracks transport width 30-407mm 1 transport segment L->R monitor included dimensions: 1620x1210x1400 S/n FFPP750Y10018 (1997)

This is used Philips / Yamaha CSM84 / YM 84 Pick and Place machine. I bought it on auction 10 years ago and since then it stays in the corner and I have no time to play with it. I bought with the machine complete documentation including Operating manual, Service manual, pre-installation manual etc which I will provide with the machine. Machine is sold "as is" with no return or warranty of any kind. You are welcome to come and inspect it at our place. We have 8 mm feeders for this machine. Weight is about 1000 kg, it have two massive servo motors with belts for X-Y and two small servos for Z-axis and R-axis which cost alone more than the price I'm asking. We can offer separately transport worldwide. All import taxes and duties are for the buyer, buyers from EU do not pay import taxes and duties, but must have valid VAT-ID as company or 20% VAT should be charged separately. VAT is not charged when shipping to non EU destination.