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Archived projects

Latest project is available at the main page of the device. In the wiki one can only find older projects, that still might be helpful. These projects are no longer officially supported. The best practice is to use the EXACT same compiler as mentioned and in most cases the exact same IDE version as mentioned.

Older projects released by Olimex for MOD-RGB:

1) How to use firmware version 2 (old): download link

2) Firmware version 2 (old): download link

3) MOD-RGB and Raspberry Pi example: download link

4) MOD-RGB and OLinuXino example: download link

5) MOD-RGB and OLIMEXINO-328 example: download link

6) MOD-RGB and PIC32-PINGUINO or PIC32-PINGUINO-OTG: download link

7) MOD-RGB and OLIMEXINO-STM32: download link


Under construction


Under construction