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System Commands

   $ uname –a - display linux system information 
   $ uname –r - display kernel release information 
   $ uptime - show how long system running + load 
   $ hostname - show system host name 
   $ hostname -i - display the IP address of the host 
   $ last reboot - show system reboot history 
   $ date - show the current date and time 
   $ cal - show this month calendar 
   $ w - display who is online
   $ whoami - who you are logged in as 
   $ finger user - display information about user

Hardware related

   $ dmesg - detected hardware and boot messages 
   $ cat /proc/cpuinfo - CPU model 
   $ cat /proc/meminfo - hardware memory 
   $ cat /proc/interrupts - lists the number of interrupts per CPU per I/O device 
   $ lshw - displays information on hardware configuration of the system 
   $ lsblk - displays block device related information in Linux 
   $ free -m - used and free memory (-m for MB)
   $ lspci -tv - show PCI devices 
   $ lsusb -tv - show USB devices 
   $ lshal - show a list of all devices with their properties 
   $ dmidecode - show hardware info from the BIOS
   $ hdparm -i /dev/sda -show info about disk sda 
   $ hdparm -tT /dev/sda - do a read speed test on disk sda 
   $ badblocks -s /dev/sda - test for unreadable blocks on disk sda

Statistics and Analyze


File Commands

Process Related

File Permission Related


Compression / Archives

Install Package


Login (ssh and telnet)

File transfer

Disk Usage


Keyboard shortcuts

   Alt+Ctrl+T - open Terminal Window
   Alt+Ctrl+L - lock the screen
   Alt+Ctrl+Del - logoff
   Alt+F4 - close current window
   Alt+F2 - pop up command window (for quickly running commands)
   Super-W  - show all windows in the current workspace
   Ctrl+Super+D - show desktop
   Ctrl+A - select all items on list or text
   Ctrl+C - copy all selected items to clipboard
   Ctrl+X - cut all selected items to clipboard
   Ctrl+V or Mouse middle button click - paste all selected items to clipboard
   PrintScr - takes screenshot
   Alt+PrintScr - takes screenshot of windows
   Shift+PrintScr - takes screenshot of selected window area