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LIMA driver


  • Install requirements
 # apt-get update
 # apt-get install -y bison g++ gcc gettext flex libdrm-dev libexpat1-dev libx11-dev libx11-xcb-dev libxcb-dri2-0-dev libxcb-dri3-dev libxcb-glx0-dev libxcb-present-dev libxdamage-dev libxrandr-dev libxshmfence-dev libxext-dev libxxf86vm-dev meson pkg-config python3-mako python3-pip python3-setuptools python3-wheel zlib1g-dev
  • Clone the sources
 # git clone --depth=1 --branch 19.1

Depending on distribution, your meson version may be outdated. You can use pip to install the latest version

  • Update meson
 # apt install -y python3-pip
 # pip3 install meson
  • Configure meson
 # cd mesa
 # meson build -Dvulkan-drivers=[] -Dplatforms=drm,x11 -Ddri-drivers=[] -Dgallium-drivers=lima,kmsro
  • Build and install the sources
 # ninja -C build
 # ninja -C build install


Without X

You can test the driver with kmscube

 # apt-get install -y kmscube

Run and test

 # kmscube

With X