How to install Debian to eMMC

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How to install Debian to the eMMC memory

It is possible to install the official Debian Jessie images to the eMMC memory of your Olimex board with Allwinner chip.

Note that currently only the Debian Jessie images for the A20 boards contain such an eMMC installation option.

How to do it?

1. Download and extract the latest official Debian Jessie image from the wiki article for your board. Note that the procedure below is not possible with the Wheezy releases, only with the Jessie ones.

The script would not work with custom images.

2. Write the image to a micro SD card using your favorite software (like Win32 Disc Imager or dd).

3. Insert the prepared card in your board and boot the board.

4. Establish connection to the command line interface of the board. Log with root/olimex.

5. Execute script. Type: ./

6. Wait until Debian installs on the eMMC memory (it takes around 10 minutes).

7. Shut down the board and remove the microSD card.

8. On power up the board would boot from the eMMC memory.