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Q: Can I have official quotation for ...?
A: Yes, please enter your order at and you will receive official quotation.

Q: Can you tell me what discount I will get for 1, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 1 000 000 pcs of ... product?
A: Please enter your order at and you will see what discount you will get, we have no other discounts than these on our web pages.

Q: How to Order?
А: You can order direcly from our web online . Also here below you can also see list of our distributors if you prefer to order locally.

Q: Can I cancel order?
A: Yes, if your order is not shipped yet you can cancel it for full refund.

Q: Can I add/remove items to my order?
A: Yes, you can do this if your order is not shipped. You have to send to support at olimex dot com your order reference number and what you want to change, we will update your order and you will receive new order confirmation with your changes.

Q: Can I come and collect my order?
A: Yes, please when you finish at your checkout page select "Local pickup", then when your payment is cleared you will get notification e-mail that you can come to Olimex office and collect your order, please do not come without invitation and before you clear your order payment.

Q: I have been using an item for the past few months and it has stopped working. Can I have a replacement?
A: No, sorry. If you've been happily running a 3.3V circuit at 5V for 3 months, we can't be held responsible. Components fail when they're abused. By definition, most of the time, people do not realise that they are abusing the components, and therefore don't understand why they have failed. If you don't agree with this, please don't buy from us.

Q: When will my order be shipped?
A: We ship in 3 working days. Although 90% of the orders which are paid before 10 AM local Bulgarian time are shipped same day and the orders which are paid afer 10 AM local Bulgarian time are usually shipped next working day. Sometimes there are many orders to handle so we set the 3 working days as standard. If you have placed your order more than 2-3 working days ago and have no got e-mail notification for the shipment, chances are that the notification e-mail is held in your SPAM filter or one or more of the items in your order are accidently out of stock. From time to time accedently we may run temporary out of stock from given product, but usually we re-fill our stock in 2-3 days so this may cause additional delay, again these are very rare situations.

Q: My order has been shipped but has not arrived - what has happened to it?
A: First we need to look at how you chose to have your order sent. Was it a trackable form of shipping, or a post parcel? If it was a trackable form of shipping, please look for the tracking number inside your shipping invoice. Once you have this number you can find out information about your package from the tracking section of the courier website. If you did not choose a trackable form of shipping, please ask your work colleagues or neighbours whether your package has been delivered to them by mistake. Quite often, this is what has happened. Regrettfully, if your package is still missing, we cannot be held responsible if it is not insured.

Q: How safe is AIRMAIL post?
A: We ship thousands of parcels by post per year and just few are confirmed to be lost, many parcels return back though. This usually happens if the recipient address is incorrect, or if the recipient is missing when the post attempted delivery. In such case the parcel arrives back to us few weeks after the shipment and we contact the recipient to arrange new shipment. If you choose AIRMAIL shipment and your parcel is lost stolen or delivered to other person by mistake we can't help.