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  • Texas Instruments AM3352 Cortex-A8 processor
  • 512MB DDR3 memory
  • Power supply DCDC
  • MicroSD card connector
  • UART debug interface
  • Status LEDs
  • RESET button
  • 4 connectors x 40 pin 0.05" step

Official Images from OLIMEX

Note that only the microSD connector is suitable for booting the desired operating system, the SD-MMC connector is not suitable for booting since it is not a part of the boot sequence (refer to AM3352 datasheet).


The official Debian images are suitable only for microSD card. Information on booting Debian from the NAND might be found at the forum.

Download methods and locations might be found below! Please note that there are different images for different board revisions, due to a hardware change.

Newest official release (recommended):

Torrent of Debian release 1 suitable for boards of the initial release of AM3352-SOM boards: [Debian with kernel 3.12.10+ release 2]

Default in the image superuser username/password: olimex/olimex

The image is 2GB and the file system can be extended to suit a bigger card. Use the following three commands to execute a script that would use all the space of your card:

  sudo su /dev/mmcblk0 1

The board AM3352-SOM-EVB has two Ethernet ports. LAN1 is configured with default static IP address of LAN2 is configured as DHCP. If you have trouble with one of them try using the other.

Older official releases (not recommended):

Torrent of Debian release 2: AM3352-SOM Debian with kernel 3.12.10+ release 1