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Debian SD-CARD image

Debian Image Includes GPIO support, I2C 100kHz WIFI RTL8188CU Ethernet AX88772B no X amd no TouchScreen support for LCDs

Changing A13-OLinuxino-MICRO settings to VGA (800x600) or LCD (800x480)

The default SD card setup is made with settings for VGA 800x600. If you want to switch between VGA 800x600 and LCD 800x480 then you have to replace the existing script.bin file from the first SD card partition (note that this partition is FAT - so you can replace the file under Windows or Linux) with the script.bin file from script_GPIO_VGA_xxx directory (with the desired VGA resolution mode) or from script_GPIO_LCD_xxx directory (with the desired LCD resolution mode).

The archive of scripts might be download from here: all available screen resolution scripts for A13-MICRO

Note that these A13-MICRO scripts are not compatible with the A13 boards. Please check the A13 wiki article for such scripts.

Kernel 3.4.x compile

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