ESP32-POE2 details coming?

Started by KeviNH, March 04, 2024, 07:43:38 PM

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I see the announcement of the new ESP32-POE2 board, can we expect more details soon?

Particularly intrigued by the new pin header, assume this is a 1-for-1 replacement for the solder points?

My specific use case is for switching 12VDC via a SSR, right now I use a daughterboard connected via jumper wires and fed by an external power supply.


The design ESP32-POE2 is shaping and in final stages. The big things about ESP32-POE2 over ESP32-POE - the 25W  total output, 12V DC output available on the header when powering from POE, and the availability of JTAG signals.
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I wrote this to but no replay so far...

Do you know when esp32-poe2 will be available for sell on the website ?

Also, could you please tell if will be compatible with in order to allow galvanic isolation between remote computer and esp32-poe2 powered via Poe ? ( I am still in development phase and still debug and need usb connection to the board in order to debug it )

Also , maybe it is implied, but my plan is to use esp32-poe2 and power


in order to avoid 12v additional power source ( and use the esp32-poe2 power )

Any ideea, the above MOD-IO / MOD-IO2 can be powered from 5v in order to use the additional GPIO's ( but without relays ) so I can speed up  environment development for now ( until esp32-poe2 is available and power normally from 12v  ) ?



Very soon. ESP32-POE2 is already tested and in the warehouse, we just have to put up the web-page to sell it (and all related resources).

It would work for your goals.

Yes, MOD-IO and MOD-IO2 can be powered by less than 12V to power everything except the relays.
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