2xMOD-LCD2.8RTP connected to Ol ESP32 board or any solution for a bigger display

Started by mihaiadrian, July 11, 2023, 12:36:21 AM

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Is there any working way to connect 2 x displays to an Olimex ESP32 board ?  My main problem is that 2.8 inch display is too little, I want something bigger. So, either I will have to buy a bigger display - 4 inch  - from another vendor and pray to work with Olimes ESP32    OR    find a way to connect 2xMOD-LCD2.8RTP to Olimex ESP32 board.  Or any other idea welcomed - like use other Olimex display - which one/how ?

Is is still true that pins 3 and 4 are not used on UEXT, thus I can use one of them as SS/SSEL for a second SPI connector ? Is this possible ? Working ?     Because , otherwise, if I have to find some free GPIO's on the board, I need to solder and is becoming too complicated

Please advise ideas .

THank you.


Which Olimex ESP32 board?

If it is ESP32-EVB, it would be very hard to connect two MOD-LCD2.8RTP boards.
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All options should be possible then.

Yeah you can probably use one of the UEXT pins for chip select. As mentioned in the table at Github: https://github.com/OLIMEX/MOD-LCD2.8RTP/tree/master UEXT pins are not used. Just wire ESP32 UEXT pin 3 or 4 to MOD-LCD2.8RTP UEXT 10. You still need to use wires or maybe a splitter like:


You can probably have entire second SPI for second display, but this requires to have headers soldered.

A bigger display would also work as long as there is support for Arduino or other compatible enivronment.
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thank you, yes, so I am already using UEXTx5

My idea is to connect the 2 displays to the UEXTx5 and for one display, I will cut the corresponding cable for SSEL(UEXT pin 10) from the CABLE-IDC10 ( will need probably 1-2 additional CABLE-IDC10 for trial&error cutting ) and connect it to another port on pin3 or 4.

I try to avoid soldering / too much wiring ... this is why I chosed the POE powered and UEXT, less wires, better connected, more simple.   

UEXT is a very good solution.