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ARM-USB-OCD-H and STM32H7A3-Nucleo

Started by GeneM, December 25, 2021, 12:18:56 am

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Hi - I'm trying to use a new ARM-USB-OCD-D for the first time with a STM32 H7A3 Nucleo board.  I have an ARM-JTAG-20-10 adapter connected between the debugger and the MIPI 10 connector on the Nucleo board.  The documentation for the Nucleo says:

6.3.2 Using an external debug tool to program and debug the onboard
There are 2 basic ways to support an external Debug tool:
1. Keep the embedded STLINK-V3E running.
Power on the STLINK-V3E at first until the COM LED lights RED. Then the user
connects his external debug tool through CN5 MIPI-10 debug connector.
2. Set the embedded STLINK-V3E in a high impedance state:
When the user states the jumper JP1 (STLK_RST) ON, the embedded STLINK-V3E is
in RESET state and all GPIOs are in high impedance, then the user can connect his
external debug tool to the debug connector CN5.

Neither of those options work for me.  I'm using the Visual GDB IDE and the example "blinky" program works through ST-Link but I get a "no device found" error when Visual GDB tries to download with the ARM-USB-OCD-H selected as the debugger.

Any ideas what I need to do to make this work?

Thanks - Gene



From what I found online about your board - it has only SWD connector and interface. ARM-USB-OCD-H has only JTAG so you need to also use the SWD adapter:


Refer to the user's manual of ARM-USB-OCD-H here:

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