ARM-USB-TINY-H -send custom pattern with openOCD

Started by brs, July 20, 2021, 02:05:40 PM

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so far everything work fine with the adapter and openOCD.
But I have a custom board which start up in SWD mode. I cannot change the bootstrapping of the PCB.
I thought it should be easy to switch back to normal JTAG mode, i.e to apply the ARM-SWD2JTAG sequence.

However, I cannot control the TMS, TCK signal with
ftdi_set_signal TMS,...
I guess that it is related that it is not defined in the FTDI layout section.
Is it allowed to add the TMS in the config file ? Or do I mess something up with the MPSS?

May be there is a more simple method to send custom pattern ?
I did not find any reference.



Have you considered using the SWD adapter for the debugger, then you can operate directly in SWD mode:
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