Started by LeoStubbs, December 10, 2020, 04:23:50 PM

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Hello there

I want to use iMX233. I need mass data transfer from sdram to parallel gpio pin in my project.
I used lpc1768 cortex-m3 to do this and it worked fine.
I send a request from a timer to the DMA so the DMA is receiving data from the memory. A clock signal is generated by the timer for synchronization between micro and target device.

I currently don't have a chip or advanced card. Can someone test it for me? It is a very valuable situation for me. I really need this and the result is shown here.
How can we do that? Thank you..



DMA is thoroughly dependent on timer match event. I used GPDMA on my LPC1850 when I was trying to transfer the 8bit parallel data input from the GPIO pins to SRAM.