oLinuxino MAXI mcp2515?

Started by kislein, July 09, 2020, 07:23:15 PM

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Hello All

I've been playing around with the olinuxino maxi board and have been trying for a few days now to get the mcp2515 to play nice with my board.  I learned about the device tree as I am a bit new at modifying device/board level kernel paramters..  I understand the concept but still seem to be missing some key low level paramters.

Anyways, here goes...

I have the following electrical connections:
1) CS tied to UEXT_CS
2) SCK tied to SSP2_SCK
3) SI tied to SSP2_MOSI Flying Together
4) SO tied to PIN9/LCD_D08/SSP2_MISO
5) INT tied to AUART1_TXD
I am guessing that I have the wrong gpio setting or something like that, or maybe I do not have a complete dts definition for the mcp2515 part to work... any guidance would be greatly appreciated!



Which dts are you using?

I doubt you have INT right, BTW.




Did you solve the issue? I'm getting this in dmesg:

mcp251x: probe of spi1.1 failed with error -2


Power is provided from the 3.3V rail. Should I upload the dts file here?