EMG Data Acquisition Arduino UNO R3 Macbook

Started by olidupri, February 24, 2020, 04:22:32 AM

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I have the SHIELD-EKG-EMG-PA and i am trying to get readings from the sensors. Using an arduino UNO R3 I get weird symbols rather than actual values when I use the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE. I do not really understand how to interpret the example code. I am only trying to utilize one shield, so should I adjust the NUMCHANNELS variable so that it equates to 1? What would be the best configuration of the headers if I am trying to receive an EMG signal? Do I need the Toggle_LED1 function? Should I expect a processed or raw EMG signal? Which analogue pins are reading data? Is the output actually digital values?



You have SHIELD-EKG-EMG right? Because SHIELD-EKG-EMG-PA is just the passive electrode. You need visualization software or processing of data stream coming from SHIELD-EKG-EMG. "Strange symbols" are expected if you just use serial monitor. Check this old thread: https://www.olimex.com/forum/index.php?topic=5474.0

QuoteWhich analogue pins are reading data?
Depends on the AIN_SEL jumper. Between A0 and A5. Refer to the schematic: https://www.olimex.com/Products/Duino/Shields/SHIELD-EKG-EMG/resources/SHIELD-EKG-EMG-REV-B-SCHEMATIC.pdf
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Thank you for responding quickly. I am using a Mac, so I can't download the electric guru software. Is there any other way I can go about outputting the data?


Use one of the visualization tools for EEG-SMT, they'd work with the SHIELD too. Check these, they might have Mac support:


and also the list here (check the description):


Also please notice that SHIELD-EKG-EMG is a mature and quite popular product, there are a lot of things published online by customers, there might be something for Mac.
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>there are a lot of things published online by customers, there might be something for Mac.

This Processing app will run on a Mac (or other operating systems): https://github.com/vsquared/ECG_UNO_Processing3_2_3

It was written for ecg but should work for emg also.