Compatible? : Energia with XDS100-V2 + ti TMS320F2806M

Started by zeptomoon, October 10, 2018, 12:37:08 PM

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Hi All!

I'm successfully using v17 [1] with the C2000 LaunchPadXL TMS320F28069M.[2]
This makes getting started with that MCU really easy!!  8)

That LaunchPadXL has the following on board:

  • A Texas Instruments TMS320F28069M micro-controller
  • XDS100v2 debug probe (with USB connector)

Now, since Energia is working fine with the LaunchPadXL, can I safely assume also
that Energia will work with the following setup?

  • A TMS320F28069M dev-board with JTAG. [3]
  • The OLIMEX XDS100-V2

Can anyone confirm this?  ???
Thanks a lot!!  :)

[3] V1.0 - Schematic.pdf

PS: The TMS320F28069M dev-board ("TAPAS") works fine with ti CodeComposerStudio using the OLIMEX XDS100-V3, but Energia probably expects a V2 debug probe, so it fails when I try to flash the TAPAS dev-board with the XDS100-V3.


For anyone having a similar problem:

Okay, I risked it and bought the OLIMEX XDS100-V2 and just tested it.
The USB JTAG probe uploaded the "Blink" sketch successfully! :D
From that, I assume that any sketch can be uploaded with that device to the TAPAS or similar boards.

image link