Building code for PIC-MAXI-WEB

Started by lucari, December 16, 2012, 02:42:49 PM

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I'm having problems building the software for the PIC-MAXI-WEB. I've downloaded the latest stack from this site (the one with the Microchip stack). I'm using MPLAB-8 with the 3.37 C compiler. I've also downloaded the p18f67j60.h file. Apart from tweaking a few directory names, the 'Build-All' run without errors.

However, when I download to the board using a PICKIT-2, nothing happens. The LCD doesn't display anything and after a few minutes, the relays click and that's it. If I install the 'Pre-built' image, it all works ok.

I have noticed that the processor is a 18F97J60 and the build doesn't use the replaced .h file.

Everything looks ok, it just doesn't do anything. Do I need a modified p18f97j60.h file instead ?



** Updated - I've run the PICKIT-2 as a debugger and tried again. It seems to start-up normally but then resets itself. If I go slowly, it does display something on the LCD. **


I seemed to have sorted this out myself (with Google). The working header file can be found on the Microchip forum in the thread:

The file itself is is at;570137 (I'm not sure if this will work). It needs to be renamed from .txt to .h once downloaded.

If possible, could the wrong file on product page be replaced with this one.

I've copied this file onto my pc and the 5.31 Demo Stack builds and runs without problems.



Hey Richard,

Glad you solved the problem! I updated the web page with the header for PIC18F97J60 found by you. Thank you! By the way is there a reason to use C18 v3.37 compiler instead of more recent ones?

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex