MSP430-JTAG-TINY-V2 doesn't support MSP430FR6972 device

Started by DmitryCh, September 22, 2015, 10:13:14 AM

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I've bought the MSP430-JTAG-TINY-V2 device but I have been unable to program a MSP430FR6972 device in IAR v.6.30. When MSP430-JTAG-TINY-V2 devices will support the latest TI controllers or may be anybody knows how to solve this problem? Thanks 


Hello Dmitry,

There is nothing you can do at the moment. The good news is that we are working on an update. I mean we are working very hard on an update because we manufacture boards with FR5969, which is also unsupported by the latest firmware. And to test the new boards we use our debuggers, which means that we have to update the firmware of MSP430-JTAG-TINY-V2 first before we can test and release the new FR5969 boards.

I would make sure proper MSP430FR6972 support gets included in the first firmware update.

The original developer of the firmware relocated to another job in another city and this slows the firmware improvements immensely.

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex