error in user manual

Started by lambda, December 04, 2013, 01:11:02 PM

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the user manual (imx23-olinuxino-MINI) on page 30 says that
LinuxGPIO #32-#39 are not implemented. That appears not to
be correct: It's lcd_d00 - lcd_d08 which are available on the
GPIO connector.

I can control these pins from Linux. The only odd thing I
noticed is, that drive strength seems to be 8mA or even
12mA where I would have expected 4mA. (I did no explicit
drive strength selection, so maybe there is some reason
for that.)



OK, turns out that these pins are used for boot mode selection and if anything is attached to them, the board might no longer boot from the SD Card. I tried to avoild reading these pins at boot time by pulling LCD_RS down, but this didn't have the desired effect. More digging ins needed ...