iMX233 and Java

Started by SlyCom, October 06, 2013, 10:24:06 PM

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I'm wonder if it's possible to run java applications? If yes, then what distribution should I use? Also previously I used A13 olinuxino (Ubuntu) and there is also support for RXTX library. Is it possible to do this with iMX233?


I suppose it's possible to execute Java applications on iMX233 - at least I saw an iMX515 (Cortex-A8) executing Java. Be prepared, it's gonna be slow.

Currently I don't know which packages you need to achieve this, I would begin cross compiling the Java virtual machine and its dependencies.
Tamas Selmeci


i.MX233 is ARM9, ARM9 is ARMv5.
You can download Java for ARMv5 from here:
QuoteARMv5 Linux - Headless EABI, SoftFP ABI, Little Endian

or just use the openjdk packages provided in most ARM distributions (Arch, Debian, ...)


I'm running a Java application on an imx233... it runs an alarm system.

The Java application reads and writes to GPIOs but it also runs a web server, which is used for a web interface and "remote" input/outputs (as opposed to GPIOs which are local ins and outs).

The VM uses about 27% of the machine's RAM, which I think it is quite reasonable. The machine is running Debian, openjdk-6-jre-headless and has been up 138 days. The application itself starts up shortly after boot, so it's also been running for approximately 138 days.

The alarm system runs off a 12V power supply, which uses a lead acid battery as backup. The first time I had a power failure at the premises all the sensors failed due to low voltage on the battery... but the imx233 kept running lol.


Hi, it's very interesting for me. Can you share some more info of your project and some example of how to interface GPIOs from Java and web server?

Also some links are good as a starting point.

Thanks for any suggest.