Recommended battery powered device + enough processing power

Started by lygos, January 06, 2014, 04:36:08 PM

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Hello, I am just getting my hands dirty with working on Linux boards and I need a bit of guidance for making a small prototype. What I need to be able to do is:
- record audio input
- play audio output
- make web requests/responses (over WIFI, or through a smartphone via BlueTooth)
- read RFID tags

My prototype is basically text-to-speeh + voice recognition module. I am thinking about using some online service for the TTS/VR and the device only records/plays the sounds.

Which of the iMX233 boards would be powerful enough to do the above things and at the same time run on a battery (with a reasonable amount of work hours)? Also any idea how I can calculate (estimate) the power consumption for the board?

Thank you.


All the iMX23 boards use the same SoC and RAM, so processing power should be the same on all of them. (And most likely sufficient for your needs.) I don't have any numbers for power consumption.