iMX233-OLinuXino PLC tutorial and project

Started by olimex, September 16, 2012, 02:48:15 PM

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Thanks for the post, this is some thing I know I will most definitely use for some projects I have.


Since I had a bit of time in between the busy moments (read: as my little daughter is getting a few months older and can play more alone), I've managed to get proview ( running on the olinuxino.

Why is this so great. Proview enables you to create a full industrial controller with your small board including PID control, logging processes, HMI interface (nevertheless this one has to wait since the jdk won't run on the imx233, it problably will at the A13) and of course some plc logic (with normal logic components like "and", "or" etc and grafcet). All this can be connected to existing hardware through for ex. modbus (with the modi2c tool i2c), profinet, onewire, usb (for ex vellemans k8055) or even direct with the boards gpio's. All can be combined in "production busses" to have one big plant.

I'll have to warn you, Proview isn't a small, simple application. The prove is that the creaters of Proview are Mandator (which is now Fujitsu) and a big Swedish metal company ( who uses Proview to control their plant processes. Still they decided to make their software available unther the gnu licence.

So in the next few days I'll have a tutorial online on how to get it running on the olinuxino, but if you can't wait, I'd advise you to already install proview on a linux pc (i'd prefer with debian) and play around (best you can do is follow the instructions in the manuals to get used to the devellopment console).
As I've said before, it's huge so don't expect you'll be running a plant (or maybe even a simple plc program) in day one, the learning process takes a few days but it's wurth to try.

Why is it that I'm waiting a bit to publish the tutorial online: there are still some minor issues, problably some steps in the installation wich needs to be refined.


... so we really have to hurry up with our 0/4-20mA 0-5/10V Analog IO module! :)


I'm using Proview in home energy monitoring systems. So far I'm using miniPC with Olimexino IO-cards, 1-wire and wireless SNAP sensors.
I have tried to install Proview into Olinuxino without success. I'm eagarly waiting for your tutorial.

Is there any preliminary specs available for the analog IO module?



Quote from: olimex on November 23, 2012, 04:31:10 PM
... so we really have to hurry up with our 0/4-20mA 0-5/10V Analog IO module! :)

Do you have an estimated release date?


Great effort jeroends!
Is there any progress on getting work with olinuxino ?


I had it running, but due some probs and lack of time, the project got in a small corner. I did it all over on the A13micro, but still the same prob of time (and in between some work pc crashes).

I will try to update the site as soon as possible and pick up again the proview project.