code between pinguino ide and Mplabx

Started by TuxD3v, May 16, 2013, 01:11:50 AM

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Hi guys,

i have a doubt...

can i use the oinguino examples for pinguino IDE in mplabx?
like copy paste the code, or i have to do tricky things?



Hey Tux,

Unfortunately, you can't copy paste Pinguino examples to MPLABX. It might be said that Pinguino examples are on higher level of abstraction compared to what you need to achieve in MPLAB (in other words - the programming is more difficult and complex but you get to comprehend more of what is actually happening because of the lower level).

Of course all boards that can be programmed via Pinguino IDE can be programmed under MPLAB as general purpose PIC32 boards (with the need compatible programmer/debugger).

If you wish to see some MPLAB examples for a microcontroller that is pretty close to the PIC32MX440 (the microcontroller in PIC32-PINGUINO boards)check the general purpose boards with PIC32MX460:

A good idea if you wish to program under MPLAB is to download the Microchip's Aplication Library:

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex