Touchscreen compatibility for AM3359-SOM-EVB?

Started by BhambriRohunu, February 22, 2024, 10:03:55 AM

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Could anyone suggest a small touchscreen, preferably with an LCD, compatible with the AM3359-SOM-EVB-IND? Also, seeking insights into its OS support and compatibility with BeagleBone LCDs, particularly considering Olimex's compatibility statement regarding their displays. Appreciate any information or recommendations!


Our Linux images lack software support for touchscreens. However, Olimex LCDs are supported and work fine. AM335x boards are not powerful enough for GUI (and no GUI = no touch support). In the Olimex-provided images for AM335x-SOM designs there is support only for Olimex-made LCDs. However there is NO software support for touch screens. Furthermore, the official image has no Linux GUI installed (the display only shows the command line interface). Still getting the touch to work might be possible if you are good with Linux.

The recommended 7 inch display for AM3352-SOM-EVB is "LCD-OLinuXino-7". You would also need a 40-pin cable with 0.1'' step that is sold separately (CABLE-IDC40-15cm). When connected the display would show the command line interface. Note that the default Linux images lack graphics environment and we haven't included touchscreen support that is why the touch screen version of the displays might be a bad idea.
The default SD card setup is made with settings for VGA 1024x768/60Hz. If you want to change some other LCD or VGA resolution then you have to start (with root rights) script file in /home/olimex directory. To see available LCD and VGA resolutions type:
sudo ./
For example if you want to change board settings to 7 LCD, you should type:
./ -l 800x480
after rebooting the board will be set for 7 LCD output.
More information on the software side of things might be found here:
Link to the suggested display: (if you want to work on touchscreen support yourself, then consider the version with touchcscreen called LCD-OLinuXino-7TS); all displays can be seen in this category:
Link to connecting cable:
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