Securing software for OLinuXino

Started by geniu, July 08, 2013, 03:47:41 PM

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I have hard question for open source community :-)
In specification You said that this module is also for commercial application. Software in commercial projects sometimes need to be secured to prevent unathorized copying and to prevent making illegal clones of devices with this software. This is easy for microcontrollers equipped with internal memory. I have always "switch" like security bit and copying software is not easy task.
My question is: Is any possibility to secure software in AM3352-OLinuXino (or any OLinuXino) module on level comparable in microcontrollers with internal flash memory?


Some processors have a secure boot mode using a write-only key.  e.g. i.MX233 secure boot uses 128-bit hardware decryption with a one time programmable 128-bit AES key :)

I can not see anything similar in the AM335x documentation :(