A20 Olinuxino changing GPIO MUX

Started by filmacu, December 20, 2022, 05:07:04 PM

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So we have used the A20 Olinuxino for many years, previously using Debian Wheezy. I have just started using the very latest (2022) image which now runs Bullseye. All is going well except for one area. Under Wheezy we could change the gpio pin mapping via sunxi-tools.
mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt/mmc
cd /mnt/mmc
# now make the sunxi tools available to any directory
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/sunxi-tools
bin2fex script.bin > script.fex
nano script.fex

Once done I could edit the mapping and make available different GPIO to the image.
I have found the location of sunxi-tools in the new 'Bullseye' image, but I can't find the script.bin that describes the default mapping. Any help on locating this would be appreciated.

The reason that I need to change the mapping is that on 'Bullesye' bringing Pin13 of GPIO Con 3 low seems to cause the Ethernet to reset. This is not an issue on the original 'Wheezy' image.


There is no script.bin and script.fex to change pin assignments in mainline images. The new images uses dts and overlays for this. I guess you can make own overlays with pinout. You can find such scripts here:


Also before you dive into the deep explore the olinuxino-overlay and the olinuxino-display scripts.
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Thanks for the reply
A) At least I can stop looking for script.bin  ;)
B) I will have a look at creating our own Overlay